About Us

Ansh Multispeciality hospital is un

ique in rendering its services with the modern techniques and latest equipments. It is lucky to have the services of experienced doctors in different fields. The trust always expects from the doctors that their attitude with the patients should be cordial, humble and positive. So is the case with the nurses who are always friendly with the patients and co-workers.

The Managing Committee of the Hospital includes Registrar, Medical Officer and other assistants. The Committee also provides significant service to the patients. The hospital is proved effective for the simple reason that expert doctors are made available. With a view to having overall health, different programs for health check-up are implemented to control diseases.

Facilities provided by the Ansh Multispeciality Hospital are Maternity, NICU, PICU, ICU, 3D-4D Sonography, Digital X-Ray, CT Scan, TMT, ECHO, ECG, Latest Pathology Laboratory, Physiotherapy Center, Operation Theatres, Radiology Department, Medical Store and Cafeteria among others. Treatment for diseases pertaining to women, children, Neonatal, lapro, bones, heart, ENT, Skin and many common diseases are available in the hospital. Provision for general surgery is also made.